Ceremony Coffee Roasters Combines Ice Cream and Coffee in a Delicious Way

August 28, 2017

Ceremony Coffee Roasters is a hot new spot in Baltimore for excellent espresso drinks and light bites. It could easily become a part of your regular morning routine, thanks in part to its convenient location on Point Street.

At Ceremony, you will find all of your favorite ways to enjoy espresso. Cappuccinos, lattes, cortados, and mochas are all served up with ease and attention to detail. The food menu isn’t huge, but certainly packs a great deal of flavor into the dishes it offers. Order a slice of quiche to add some richness to your morning, or ask for the poached egg toast, which comes with smashed avocado, feta cheese, and bacon jam. When your afternoon craving for a sweet treat kicks in, drop in for an affogato or a nitro float. Both combine local ice cream with coffee, and can give you the sugar rush and caffeine fix you need to make your day a whole lot better. If you love the coffee here enough, you can even bring a bag of beans home with you!

Public Domain/Pixabay/0102oxy


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