Enjoy Kosher Sweets and Sandwiches at Van Gough Café

April 25, 2017

Located just one mile from 1305 Dock Street apartments in Upper Fells Point, Van Gough Café is a completely kosher dine-in restaurant that just about anyone will enjoy.

Van Gough Café is housed in a building that’s more than 150 years old, so the charm runs deep within the walls and floors of the place. Mismatched furniture makes for a cozy atmosphere that feels like home, while the menu features classic items as well. You can enjoy bagels with all of the expected spreads, plus a delicious selection of sandwiches and paninis. If you need a mid-afternoon pick-me-up, the coffee and tea menu is extensive. Whether you keep kosher or not, everyone loves Van Gough Cafe.


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Van Gough Café